Hanson commercial centre,
  Hanson's new commercial centre at Stewartby in Bedfordshire showcases the company's commitment both to sustainable products and sustainable development.

The new building has been awarded the BREEAM Excellent rating.
The office space is naturally ventilated with top opening automatic vents controlled by the building management system, as well as lower level manually-operated vents allowing staff to moderate their environment local to the desks. An extensive open atrium will allow for the building to be naturally lit.

High thermal mass will be delivered through the use of heavy building products in the construction of the building. The building is heated and cooled using ground source heat pump technology from two main sources. Firstly, from the ground beneath the car park in tandem with Hanson Formpave's® Aquaflow® (SUDS) system, and secondly by using the small lake at the front of the building as a source.

The rainwater harvested from the roof is used in the operation of the building e.g. toilet flushing. Materials removed or excavated for construction were re-used in the landscaping features.

Hanson products used in this project:

Formpave® Aquaflow® Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)
Decorative aggregates
Facing bricks
Bulk cement and GGBS
Thermalite® aircrete blocks
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